Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

It is our intention to be accessible to children and families, whatever their individual needs, from all sections of the local community – see our admissions policy.  All children’s individual needs are met – this includes those with specific needs and disabilities, and also those with English as a second language.

The nursery building is off the road, with well-lit car parking, to enable safe access to the nursery.

Older children are based on the ground floor and younger ones on the first floor, to enable young, less mobile children to be carried upstairs as necessary.

Wheelchair access is available to the ground floor through the front entrance, the garden door and the  emergency exit in the kitchen.

All our staff follow our special educational needs and disabilities policy:

Deerhurst Nursery aims to have regard to the:

  • Department for Education’s Code of Practice (September 2014) for the identification and assessment of inclusion, special educational needs and disabilities
  • Guidelines supplied to private and voluntary providers of pre-school education

We aim to welcome and accommodate both adults and children whatever their individual needs.

Our named SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) is Rebecca Whettall. The role of the SENCO is to ensure that our Nursery Policy is implemented by following the criteria listed below:

  • Parents/carers will be informed of any concerns about their child’s development whilst at Deerhurst
  • Children with special educational needs and disabilities, like all other children, are admitted after consultation between parent/carer and the nursery management
  • Our aim is to provide appropriate learning opportunities for the developmental needs of each child in the group
  • All children in the group, irrespective of their special educational needs and               disabilities, are encouraged, whenever possible and appropriate, to participate in all the group activities
  • Our system of observation and record keeping, which operates in conjunction with parents and carers, enables us to both monitor children’s needs and their progress on an individual basis
  • We work in liaison with relevant professionals and agencies (with parents and carers full permission) if it is felt that a child’s needs cannot be met in the nursery or without additional personnel or equipment
  • Staff attend training about special educational needs and disabilities arranged by appropriate professional bodies whenever possible.

We also work closely with the parents/carers of all the children in the group to ensure that:

  • The sharing of information is a two-way process
  • The group includes the knowledge and expertise of parents and carers in planning provision for all children
  • Each child’s progress and achievements are shared and discussed with parents and carers on a regular basis
  • Parents and carers are aware of the arrangements for the admission and integration of children with special educational needs and disabilities.

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