Parents and Carers

All our staff are committed to working in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that each child reaches their own full potential.

We make sure that each child is supported in their learning and development from birth to five, by following the Early Years Foundation Stage framework  and through a process of:

  • observation
  • assessment
  • working closely with parents and carers

Each child has a key worker who:

  • regularly monitors their progress and welfare
  • ensures that every child is happy, safe and developing their full potential

A personal folder is kept to monitor all our children’s individual digital learning journeys.

These folders belong to the child and their family and contain information about each child’s current stage of development, and interests and abilities.

Every child’s key worker will discuss progress with parents or carers on a regular basis.

Parents and carers can also access their child’s folder at any time and are encouraged to add items to the folder.

Parents and carers are also encouraged to be involved in our activities which are planned according to the individual interests of the child for example:

  • bringing in items for planned displays
  • talking about their job roles

We have a balance of adult and child initiated activities. Daily discussions with you about your child, along with newsletters and notices, also help to make sure that parents and carers and staff are all kept up-to-date about changes and progress.

We have also introduced a new communication diary for children attending more than one session, to make sure that key information is recorded for staff, parents and carers.

We always welcome ideas, suggestions and comments from our parents and carers. As well as operating an ‘open-door’ policy – where you are welcome to call in or telephone our staff at any time – we also have a formal review process in place:

  • new parents and carers are asked to complete a satisfaction questionnaire after a few months of attendance
  • a suggestions box is located by the front door, along with paper and pen and any suggestions are discussed with you and acted on
  • there is also an exit questionnaire which is given out before your child leaves nursery

We are often overwhelmed with expressions of gratitude from our parents and carers when their child leaves nursery.

For example:

  • ‘thank you’ cards
  • poems
  • paintings
  • embroidery gifts
  • garden plants
  • toys/resources for the nursery

We have put some of the comments from our ‘thank you’ cards here for you to read.