Children in Baby and Toddler Nursery:

Full Day 8.00am –   5.30pm         £40.00

Half Day 8.00am – 12.30pm        £25.00

Half Day 1.00pm –   5.30pm        £25.00

Children in Pre-school:

Full Day 8.00am –  5.30pm          £40.00

Half Day 8.00am – 12.30pm        £25.00

Half Day 1.00pm –  5.30pm         £23.00

Extended morning session (all children)

7.30am – 8.00am                           £3.50

Extended evening session (all children)

5.30pm – 6.00pm                            £3.50

  • Fees include all meals and snacks
  • Fees are paid monthly, in advance (by the last day of each calendar month)
  • Late payment will incur a 10% surcharge
  • Prices are reviewed annually

If you would like to speak to someone about help towards paying for childcare costs, including funded childcare places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds, please contact:

Worcestershire County Council’s Family Front Door service on 01905 822666

or look at their website to find out more information and apply online