What We Do

Every individual child is at the heart of our nursery and will follow an individual digital learning journey based on:

  • their own interests and experiences
  • an age appropriate curriculum

Our curriculum covers the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our children are also encouraged to contribute their own ideas and views and are listened to and observed by staff, for example by:

  • frequent individual chats
  • circle times
  • observations about how the child appears during different activities throughout the day – happy? sad? smiling? withdrawn? upset?
  • helping children to take photographs of ‘things’ they like/enjoy and also those they dislike or do not enjoy as much
  • using ‘persona’ dolls/puppets to allow them to identify and express their feelings

Parents and carers views are also vital to help us to care for and develop their own child’s potential and we encourage parent/carer involvement – for example:

  • discussions about how your child is feeling on arrival at nursery or after collection from a session
  • ideas and suggestions as to how we can improve your child’s experience at nursery

Each child has a key worker who regularly monitors their progress and welfare and ensures that every child is happy, safe and developing their full potential.

A personal folder is kept to monitor all our children’s individual learning journeys. These folders belong to the child and their family and have information about each child’s:

  • current stage of development
  • interests and abilities

Every child’s key worker will discuss progress with parents or carers on a regular basis.

Parents and carers can also access their child’s folder at any time and are encouraged to add items to the folder.

Children’s learning is celebrated with lots of praise and encouragement, positive attitudes and body language. Children display a lot of their own pictures and photographs – which helps to:

  • boost their self-esteem and morale
  • build their confidence
  • encourage their development

Each of our different areas has a general daily routine which helps our children learn, play, rest, eat well, have good hygiene and feel safe.

Healthy eating is also important to us and you can find out more about our meals and snacks here.