Policies and Procedures

All our policies and procedures are working documents, are effective and inclusive, and are followed by all our staff members at Deerhurst Nursery.

Each child at the nursery is assigned a Key Person. The Key Person’s role is to help make sure that every child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs.  They:

  • help the child to become familiar with the setting
  • offer a settled relationship for the child
  • build a relationship with their parents/family

All our policies and procedures are freely available to all parents and carers.

There are copies of our policies and procedures in the office and all parents and carers are encouraged to take policy/procedure folders home overnight to read and then return to the nursery.

Parents and carers are encouraged to ask us for clarification if they don’t fully understand any of our documents.  As changes occur they are up-dated as necessary.

Policies and procedures can also be translated – should this be necessary – for any parent or carer who does not have English as a first language.

Staff read all Policies and Procedures and also need to sign to confirm they have been read and understood.

Do ask a member of staff, when you visit us, if you are considering sending your child to Deerhurst Nursery and wish to read our policies and procedures.

We have also placed our special educational needs and disabilities policy, admissions and settling in procedures on this site for parents and carers who are considering the nursery for their child.